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A very very very happy Eid Mubarak to the whole Muslim community out there.. !

After a long month of keeping fasts, Eid-ul-Fitr is the perfect time to rejoice with family and celebrate all that Allah has blessed us with..!

As for me, after two long years, I finally got to spend Eid-ul-Fitr with my family.. couldn’t ask for more.. ! Enjoyed every lil’ bit..! Lunches, Dinners, Money (eidi), family outings, get together, dances, bangles, shopping, clothes, matching jewelry & accessories..and last but now the least Mehendi (Henna) my most favorite part… !

Here are some photos.. ! 🙂


….love is in the air.. or is it really?

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Just another Valentine’s Day.. made me wonder if this one would be any special… it just brings back memories… 🙂

It’s so funny how everyone hopes and waits for their fairytale romance to come true… and there are only just some lucky people who actually get it..  Nonetheless, for me this was just another opportunity to tell those very special people in my life that I love them.. and that it doesn’t matter.. through thick and thin I will always be there for them like they were there for me… !

Any comments on how your day went?

my beautiful flowers...! 14/02/11

Getting into Medical School…in PAKISTAN!

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Oh my! Doesn’t that sound frightening? Well….it was far far far more worse! =s I don’t mean to scare you all… but yeah.. getting into Pakistani Medical Schools can be the roughest rollercoaster ride you can ever imagine! Well… to make a long story short.. after graduation from YIS, I went straight to Lahore and joined an academy called KIPS which would apparently prepare me for the “pakistani” MCAT!

So then began the 5-hour classes per day – 6 days a week for a very long 2 months… sadly, I have to say I didnt gain much from going to this academy except my first few Pakistani friends that lived in Pakistan!!! So in other words.. the lectures…classes…practice tests were pointless and I was certainly not impressed by the teachers, and their teaching.. So if you ever plan to go to Pakistan for Med School.. just buy the FSC books and study at home… 🙂

So yeah… June…July…August… i went to the academy and prepared myself for the MCAT… I gave it on Nov. 14th.. and it was okay not so bad 🙂 Then the policy changed… and DAMN! they change fast in Pakistan! You wake up the next morning and find out that the test you just took is required everywhere.. then the next morning you hear on the news that NO! it is not required for all universities.. it was much more confusing than it sounds here 😀 oh well… after that I gave another test (Fatima Memorial), then another test (CMH), and then another test (UOL).

Thanks to Allah I cleared all the tests.. Was in waiting list for FM for MBBS and waiting list for CMH for dentistry and on merit list for UOL for MBBS! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!! It was like a dream come true!!! It makes me sooo verry proud to say that I have accomplished goal number one: Get into Med School in Pakistan!!! Oh.. there will be many many many more goals to come 😀 haha so please please remember me in your prayers! 🙂

Currently, I am back in Saudi Arabia for EID.. will be headed back to Lahore around Dec. 20th… and college starts on January 5th!!! 


an excited yet nervous “Medical Student” [Ohh yeahh!]

Construction going on behind Uni of Lahores MBBS Campus

Construction going on behind Uni of Lahores MBBS Campus


A Corner of the University grounds.. isnt that prettyy???

A Corner of the University grounds.. isnt that prettyy??? 🙂

brand new lab !

brand new lab !

A break… at last!

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June 7th, 2008 … was grad nite… graduating from high school was unbelievably awesome!!! All the hardwork.. familiar… it was a bye-bye not only to these but also family 😦 because now I would have bigger things to look at… for example, getting in to medical college!! But before that, I just want to remember some of the good time as a student at YIS, Yanbu International School, Saudi Arabia.

I have been going to the same school for the past 10 years, so it is definitely like my second home. My most memorable moments were alll the fun sports tournaments I went to, and ofcourse all the awards I won! 😀 Then, my role as the Student Council President will never be forgotten, because there is A LOT I learned from it. Oh well… this is getting boring now… so yeah… thats pretty much it. I have graduated from YIS, and I will never forget all that I learned there, all the great people I met…


Graduation Cake 🙂

Take care!!! Till the next post =p

Something I found online..

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Here is something that I found online…and I dedicate it to Thampi (Aysha), Nimra/Gujju/Abbujan (Abeer), Bamboozle/Raashed (Amna), Asma, and myself (Sara – the Sicko).

 Just wanted to let you guys know, I love you! Thanks for being there for me…always! 😉


Love you guys!

< b u t t e r f l y >

Volleyball Boys

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Varsity Boys Volleyball Tournament – Riyadh

The guys are back!!! Nizar, Sabir, Salman, Saif and Faisal were the boys that were in the team from our class! They boys did very well!!! They came in “SECOND – from the last” like Sabir says. The girls came in fourth. Anyways, boys, I just want to say good job! It doesn’t matter if you won or not, what matters is that you had fun! I hope to hear all those stories. I know that Salman got a bit bored at his host’s house, while Abid and his host watched TV. Do let us know about all the wild things you did! Take care and miss you all!

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Some Pictures from the Tournament

Faisal, Sabir and Salman in their Uniforms!



Nizar and Saif…posing and looking good! Nizo.. your tumors look awesome (mashAllah) lol ! 😉



Sabir – the blue-eyed beauty! hehe jks! You look real nice Sabir 🙂


That’s it for now! Good job guys! I hope you put up more pics!


Welcome !!

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Hello and welcome to my blog!!! One of the things that I

 just added is my “About Me” page! Have a look! Take care

 and enjoy the weekend!

PS: Volleyball Boys —-> I wish you allll the very best! I hope you guys come back with medals! Also, you guys have to put all the funny stories up….like Sabir’s serves…Salman’s sets..(where the ball goes right through this hands)…Nizar’s spikes (and his tumors :P) Faisal attracted all the girls….and wether Saif got hurt or not… GOOD LUCK!!

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